Hybrid dryers

By using hybrid dryers, one benefits from the advantages of two compressed air drying concepts. One uses the energy saving potential of refrigeration dryers with the known pressure dew point of +3°C, which, with regard to the pressure dew point of -40°C, already extracted 85% of the humidity. Paired with the low pressure dew points of adsorption dryers (here -40°C) only 15% humidity have to be extracted. By combining these two concepts the highest level of efficiency is reached.

The compressed air is first led into the energy saving refrigeration dryer to ensure a constant pressure dew point of +3°C. From the refrigeration dryer the “pre-dried“ compressed air, with a pressure dew point of +3°C, is led into the adsorption dryer. This results in additional energy saving potential, since the incoming compressed air already possesses the pressure dew point reached through the refrigeration process. Consequently, less energy is required to achieve a pressure dew point of -40°C using an adsorption dryer.

This leads to a rapid payback period of the investment, low operating costs and additional CO2 savings.